Job Vacancies – Media and public relation coordinator

Job Vacancies – Food Security Project

The Field Medical Foundation (FMF) is announcing the following job vacancy in the Food Security Project :

          – Media and public relation coordinator

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should send application by January 17th 2016 by following the steps below:

Interested applicants should send application by January 21th 2016 – 12:00PM by following the steps below:


  1. Fill in the application form on the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/2JJeQamDu7 
  2. Send CV (English) to ((  jobs@fmfyemen.org  )) with the subject heading: the title of job vacancy.


–         Kindly read carefully the job description and skills required below

–         Please don’t forget to write the job title on the subject


Media and public relation coordinator

Key responsibilities and duties:

  •  Coordinate all the activities that are connected with the media and communication, including montage, editing and writing.
  •  Participate in the planning and preparation of all events and activities that are sponsored by the Food Security project and the Field Medical Foundation FMF.
  • Participate in the effective coordination with the civil society organizations, in order to promote the activities and goals of the project and FMF.
  • Mange the project and FMF social networks and websites.
  •  Enhance and promote the social network and websites of the project and FMF, and make them user friendly.
  • Coordinate the preparation of all media and commercial materials.
  •  Prepare, follow and evaluate the implementation of media plans and the documentaries of the Food Security project and FMF other projects.
  • Conduct frequent field visits to the implemented projects, in order to develop the needed data for media purposes.
  • Follow all the administrative and logistic tasks that are related to documenting food security project and FMF services; such as photography, videotaping and communication and advertising.
  • Prepare a regular media summary about the implemented activities by the project and FMF, and distribute it to the local, regional and international concerned parties.
  • Prepare, distribute and supervise the activities brochures and other media´s brochures.
  • Participate in the activities of civil society and promote and support the participation of the project and FMF in all the activities conducted nationally or internationally.
  • Participate in preparing the monthly action plan and the budget that are relating to media and public relation activities.
  • Coordinate the relationship between the project and FMF with the communication and public relation agencies.
  • Coordinate with external parties (printing shops, designer, partners, and agencies) to implement the project and FMF media and communication plans.
  • Establish and maintain an archive with all media and public relation documents and photos.
  • Work with the team spirit and endure all the assigned responsibilities.
  • Travel when needed.
  • Support in other tasks if required.

Skills and expertise required:

–         BA degree in Media, or public relation.

–         3 years previous experience in the field of media and public relation.

–         Training courses in media, journalism and montage.

–         Excellent skill in writing and verbal communication both in Arabic and in English.

–         Experience in photography and videotaping.

–         Ability to form general thoughts into written forms professionally.

–         Skills in writing article, stories for traditional and electronic media.

–         Having connections with journalists in different media outlets.

–         Familiar with all computer programs and applications used for media purposes.

–         Very good in English language.

–         Committed, highly organized and respect time.

–         Ability to use Email and familiar with electronic correspondence.

–         Able to work under pressure.

–         Familiar with field work, preferably in Lahj districts.

–         Willingness to make frequent field visits to project Field Distribution Points (FDPs) and to the villages in the targeted districts.

–         Willingness to work during weekends and official holidays if required.



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