The Deputy Director of the Public Health and Population Office and the Director of Primary Health Care in Al-Maqatira Directorate , Lahj Governorate. Dr. Samir Abdullah Saeed met with the supplementary feeding project team represented by Dr. Mahfood Ali Muqbel, Deputy Project Manager , Mr. Abdulrahman Faree, Communication for Development Officer, and Mr. Fahd Abdoh, Project Coordinator in Lahj Governorat

To discuss the work of the health facilities targeted by the supplementary feeding project and to discuss the activities carried out by the field medical Foundation and the mechanism of partnership and cooperation between the Office of Public Health and Population Directorate of Almqtira and the Field Medical Foundation.

Dr. Samir Abdullah Saeed, Deputy Director of the Public Health and Population Office, Directorate of Maqatira Governorate of Lahj, also addressed the problems, difficulties and needs that the Directorate lacks.