Nutrition Project

The Field Medical Foundation supported by the UNICEF is executing the Nutrition program aiming to limit the extend of sever and moderate malnutrition among children below  five years , pregnant women , lactating mothers in Abyan, Aldalae, Shabwa. A number of  (74218) case was targeted for a duration of a year starting from March 2013 until the end of February 2014. The program aims to improve the quality of health services , providing treatment, and knowledge in the prevention of malnutrition . It also contributes in reducing the proportion of patients and deaths related to malnutrition.

Through this program the foundation is making the coverage of ( 74218 ) case by the following:

  • 10419 Child less than five years will be screened and assess their nutritional status ((1501 of them who are suffering from severe malnutrition))
  •  57884 beneficiaries of the program of nutrition and health education ((20000 men and 37884 women)).
  • 5556 pregnant women and lactating mothers will benefit from the program and will receive advice on natural breastfeeding, healthy  nutrients  for the newborns , as well as providing them with supporting vitamins .
  • Improving the capability of 60 health worker in public health and healthy nutrition Through the establishment of specialized courses.
  • Training 300 volunteers from various Directorates to participate in the program of health and nutrition education.
  • Provide primary health services, medical examination and treatment by running five mobile clinics between directorates.
  • Furnishing the number 15 health center and the establishment of an advice corner in each health center to provide counseling service in  health and nutritional status of the mother and pregnant women.