Field Medical Foundation (FMF) in collaboration with the UNICEF held the first” Advice for children Nutrition” festival in Al-Azareq , Al-Dhalea in the presence of shaikh Mahmood Mohammed Awas , General Director of Al-azareq and Mr. Asker  Mohammed , director of Health Office .

During the festival Fadhl Mohammed, director of nutrition program in Al-Azareq, has shown his appreciation to the efforts made by the UNICEF in order to achieve full awareness in society especially women and mothers regarding the importance of exclusive breast-feeding.

Where Dr. Nageeb Qaid made a speech about the significance of this kind of festivals in Al-Azareq district, where it has one of the highest numbers of malnutrition diseases. The number reached to 500 cases only in the past six months.

Opening the exhibitionthat that contains   sections of exclusive breast-feeding, women training on supplementary feeding, and preparing healthy food mixtures through live practice. Aiming to raise the health awareness in various areas through posters, drawings and photographs.

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