This morning , FMF has launched Food Security project ,funded by  World Food Programme  (WFP) which it will be executed within the next , extendable five months .
The project distributes food items like :
Pulses  kg ,wheat 50 kg , Wheat Soya Blend (WSB) 5kg  and vegetarian oil 4 L.
The project targets  1500 families in Hotah district ,5000 families in Tuben district ,and 2200 families in Radfan district . The team includes 80 workers in 4 distributing points .
The distribution process accures directly through book receipts which have been previously given, and to ensure a high degree of transparency ,all items and quantity is written in the book receipts .

The project manager says that the work is not easy ,but they do their best to help people go through this hard circumstances .

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