Dr. Yasser Mohammed , deputy manager of the Nutrition Project funded by the UNICEF and executed by the Field Medical Foundation  , talked to the media that the project began on December 2014, and  now in its final stage . Despite the hard circumstances during  the war , medical teams  in the targeted districts  have been able to work more efficiently  and teams are still offering their services in Aldhalea ,Shabwah , and Abyan . Also , he illustrated that the project  added during the war period new districts like Zungubar and Khanfer districts , because  those districts have displaced people from Lahj and Aden where they need medical services .
Dr. Yasser said the project targeted  cases of malnutrition among children under 5 years as well as providing treatment services for sick children, five  field medical teams provide medical services and offer  free treatments , as well as giving children preventive doses of vitamin A and treatments for intestinal worms.
The active search for SAM and MAM Cases has reached 64% till now (September 2015 ) whereas 1707 SAM case has been treated  ,  what represents more than 61% of the targeted children  .
Vitamin A has been given to 46% of the target number and   therapeutic preventing of  intestinal worms  has covered 9830 children that makes more than 100% of the target number .

And gave a glimpse of the other side of the project which targets pregnant and lactating women in targeted districts, offering counseling service for feeding infants and young children within the advice IYCF program . This service was provided to  4200 beneficiaries ,where iron pills with folic acid  were given to  3414 pregnant and lactating until the end of September 2015.
Finally , Many festivals and exhibitions have been carried out ,regarding  the programme Advice for Feeding Infants and Children , as a unique experience held for the first time in Yemen .