About Us


Field Medical Foundation is a non-governmental, voluntary and non-profit Foundation which is leading interested in providing health services to the citizens, and developing health service provided through proper health awareness, as well as through the establishment of training camps in different medicinal and preventive fields and provide therapeutic feeding for malnourished children .

The Establishment of Field Medical Foundation:

1. Before becoming a Foundation it carried out field visits in February 2011, and has worked to provide aid services in the demonstrations, then onwards the service provided evolved from voluntary work to the organized systematic work.

As a result of what Abyan Governorate had encountered of armed violence and loss of security and the displacement of thousands of citizens to schools and homes in the Province of Aden, the Field Medical Foundation was the first that initiated in helping displaced people, and the establishment of fixed and mobile clinics in a number of Governorate’s districts to maintain and most importantly the Directorate of Dar-Saad .

The Field Medical Foundation is considered the first of its kind in the Governorate of Aden, where it was the first initiative began work in the form of commissions until came the idea of developing from the easy volunteer work to the large institutional work, in order to continue to provide outstanding service to the citizen through the division of tasks and the formation of independent commissions, that is, the Training Committee, Relief Committee, Awareness Committee, the Committee of Public Relations and Media .

With the beginning of 2013, the Foundation launched a work program to treat malnutrition, funded by UNICEF, the first of its kind to operate the Foundation in such programs, and began working through its headquarters in the Governorate of Aden and its fixed subsidiaries in three governorates of Abyan, Dalae  and Shabwa.

In addition to the work with a mobile medical team and another team, which was an educating team through a fleet of mobile clinics and that was the largest of its kind in the Governorate of Abyan , Dalae and Shabwa .

Our Vision:

The Foundation seeks to provide better quality health service .

Our Mission :

To provide greater service to the community through the provision of therapeutic services, and training for all target groups in various areas of health and participation in disaster relief and war and carry out periodic health awareness campaigns.

Our Core Values ​​:

  1.   Transparency
  2.  Voluntary work
  3.  Teamwork
  4.  Abide by the spirit of cooperation
  5.  The Foundation believes in the importance of diversity of participation and especially young people to reduce the spread of HIV and to support the rights of those affected.
  6.  The Foundation believes in the importance of coordinating efforts with all partners of individuals and government establishments, civil society organizations and international donors.

Our Goals :

  1. Activating the principle of voluntary work.
  2.  Provide health care for all.
  3. To contribute to the relief of those affected by disaster.
  4. Training of health workers and rehabilitate them.
  5. Community awareness of everything that harms their health from diseases and disasters that can be avoided.