Food securty project

Start distribution of the food basket in Al-Hauta Directorate Lahij during the month of Ramadan

Within the food security project backed by the World Food Program (WFP) field medical foundation launched during the month of Ramadan’s first distribution of food baskets to the beneficiaries in the province of al-Hauta Directorate of Hajj in the presence of project management For Mr. Farouk Ibrahim, head of the food security program and Mr.Mohammed project officer and Mr. Walid Agrebi Logistics officer and Mr. Khaled Ramah Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

It is worth mentioning that the number of targeted households from the distribution in Al-Hauta Directorate of 1732 households where these families get a basket Food items consisting of wheat and lentils, sugar, oil and salt.

As distribution will continue through the month of Ramadan in both districts Almsimir and Tubn and Radfan.

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