Workshop training for dealing with mass casualty June 29-July 2, 2013

This morning the Medical Field Foundation in Aden has lunched the second training session in dealing with mass casualties and providing emergency health care. A number of 24 male and female doctors and nurses have attended the session in Ibn Khaldoon hospital in Lahij, Mudia and Lodar hospital In Abyan governorate.

The opening was attended by both the director of the World Health Organization (WHO)in Aden , Dr. Nesreen and the Director of the of Health Office in Lahej , ” Omar Zein ” and a number of dignitaries. Dr. Muheeb Obad , the owner of the foundation has opened the session with a speech thanking both Dr.Omar Zein and Dr.Nesreen, the director of  the World Health Organization in Aden, for their attendance and their participation in the success of the session. He also explained in details the role of the foundation during  in the past years  in the coverage of the protest movement in Aden and providing health care for the displaced people ,  adding that the Foundation has 20 international trainer of the Red Cross , in addition to training of 1500 person in first aid. Explaining that the ultimate goal of the Foundation is to find a paramedic in every house.

Dr.Nasreen , director of the World Health Organization in Aden,  Spoke about the importance of this session particularly at this time where the country is witnessing political unrest, noting that the course aims to train and improve the skills of their doctors in how to deal with mass casualties and to provide emergency health care.

It is noteworthy that, the Field Medical Foundation is the first  youth Medical Foundation in Aden interested in providing health care for all citizens, and providing first aid during the protests in Aden over the past years, and to provide relief services to the displaced people of Abyan governorate .

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