The Medical Field Foundation in the collaboration with Faculty of Medicine and Health sciences set up an awareness campaign to (Stop Violence Against Women) within the 16 days of activism against gender violence. The campaign was held in Aden governorate in the 8th of December at faculty of Medicine with the title of “ from peace at home to peace all over the world “

Dr. Raga Abdo Salem, the Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr.Moheeb Awad Obad the head of the FMF, Dr.Asma Duraib the Executive director of the FMF , the lawyer Huda Alsarari and Rania Al-Gabiri from the DRC attended and participated in the day.

Dr. Raga gave the opening speech and defined violence against women and spoke about the role of women in the society  ,then Dr.Moheeb spoke about the importance of voluntary work to raise awareness in different community levels. After that, Dr.Nora Khanbari’s presentation was giving a brief look backward to the history of the activism against gender violence and gave some examples of different types of gender violence. Dr. Ayman then talked about the religious point of view and its perspective in dealing with women. Mrs.Rania Al-Gabiri coordinator of child protection program spoke briefly about the topic and explained the mechanisms of international protocols and laws. Finally, from legal perspectivethe, lawyer Huda Al-Sarari spoke about the steps and mechanisms that a women subjected to violence must take and help them protect themselves from any harm that may affect them in the future.

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